April 21, 2011    
     Anyone who knows me knows my love for great coaches like John Wooden, Pat Summit, and Mike Krzyzewski.  It seems I am always reading one of their books.  I am currently reading a book about John Wooden (You Haven't Taught Until They Have Learned) written by a former player, Swen Nater.  I share the same belief system that John Wooden carries with regards to player treatment.
Here is an excerpt from the book; John Wooden is addressing his team in a preseason meeting:

"I am not going to treat you players all the same.  Giving you the same treatment does not make sense because you're all different.  The good Lord, in his infinite wisdom, did not make us all the same.  Goodness gracious, if he had, this would be a boring world, don't you think?  You are different from each other in height, weight, background, intelligence, talent, and many other ways.  For that reason, each one of you deserves individual treatment that is best for you.  I will decide what that treatment will be.  It may take the form of gentle encouragement or something a little stronger.  That depends on you.  It may also take the form of discipline.  But remember, all discipline will be earned by you based on what you have done prior.  So, I'm not going to treat you all the same, but I will give you the treatment you earn and deserve."

You Haven't Taught Until They Have Learned
By Swen Nater & Ronald Gallimore

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